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XAP 7.1 - Search within a collection of Integers in a space object


Is there a way to search for a space object that contains a particular element (not a nested object) in a collection member field..

SpaceObject { private Collection<integer> keys; ... }

I want to be able to read the SpaceObject which has key = 1 in its collection of keys.

Is there a way to do this..

Thanks, Chandrika

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asked 2011-06-13 16:07:00 -0500

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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1 Answer

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Gigaspaces by default serializes collections as BinaryObject and can not be queried.

See Overview section to supported data types http://www.gigaspaces.com/wiki/displa...

answered 2011-06-15 10:48:24 -0500

venkatg gravatar image
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