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GS 7.1 - Exception : Failed to derive product directories

I'm running a java program to launch a Processing Unit using the class IntegratedProcessingUnitContainerProvider. I noticed that when I install this application (through JNLP) and associated jar files into a directory containing white spaces, I see the following stack trace.

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to derive product directories at com.gigaspaces.start.Locator.deriveDirectories(Locator.java:151) at com.j_spaces.kernel.Environment.getHomeDirectory(Environment.java:45) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.initContainer(SpaceFinder.java:732) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.findEmbeddedService(SpaceFinder.java:928) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.findService(SpaceFinder.java:604) ... 26 more Caused by: java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 27: file:/home/guneet/tmp/hiqww installer/lib/gs-runtime-7.1.2.jar at java.net.URI$Parser.fail(URI.java:2809) at java.net.URI$Parser.checkChars(URI.java:2982) at java.net.URI$Parser.parseHierarchical(URI.java:3066) at java.net.URI$Parser.parse(URI.java:3014) at java.net.URI.<init>(URI.java:578) at java.net.URL.toURI(URL.java:918) at com.gigaspaces.start.Locator.deriveDirectories(Locator.java:91) ... 30 more

I saw a similar issue reported earlier at the URL below however the fix suggested there did not work for me. Any suggestions ?


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asked 2011-04-22 06:48:21 -0600

guneetsahai gravatar image

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0600

jaissefsfex gravatar image
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Try to set the {{com.gs.home}} system property to be the Gigaspaces root folder.
Please do not place Gigaspaces libraries under a folder with a space. That's probably the reason for the problems you are having.See:
file:/home/guneet/tmp/hiqww installer/lib/gs-runtime-7.1.2.jar

answered 2011-04-22 09:14:07 -0600

shay hassidim gravatar image
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Hi Shay,

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I don't have control over where gigaspaces libraries will be stored on the client machine when our software gets installed. So if space creates trouble; then I will modify our installer so that it checks the installed location does not contain spaces.

Will the suggestion of using {{com.gs.home}} still work when we don't have the complete gigaspaces installation and only use their libraries?

Thanks for your help Guneet Sahai

guneetsahai gravatar image guneetsahai  ( 2011-04-25 23:30:49 -0600 )edit

For a JVM start starts a space I suggest having the following folders under the GigaSpaces home:

If you deploy a space into a GSC, or using the GSA to manage the GigaSpaces run time environment make sure you have all the above folders.
See also:

For a client JVM that just connect to a remote space you will need the relevant jars as part of its classpath.


shay hassidim gravatar image shay hassidim  ( 2011-04-26 04:15:50 -0600 )edit

Here are some more details about my situation.

Our clients connect to our server over Gigaspaces usually by specifying a lookup group. However we are building a lite version of our product where the client (a JNLP file) would boot gigaspaces locally using IntegratedProcessingUnitContainer and deploy our PUs. In order to do this, besides our code we needed only gigaspaces jars on the client side and not a complete installation of gigaspaces.

Now the trouble is that when our product gets installed (through a UI installer), we obviously have no control over where it gets installed.

guneetsahai gravatar image guneetsahai  ( 2011-04-28 05:40:28 -0600 )edit

I suggest you contacting GigaSpaces support. They should provide you the relevant info to resolve this issue. Tnx Shay

shay hassidim gravatar image shay hassidim  ( 2011-04-28 06:43:36 -0600 )edit

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