Out of permgen memory when re-deploying applications

We are experiencing out of memory errors when re-deploying applications to running GSCs. I have done some research and found that the likely culprit is CGLIB generating dynamic class definitions in permgen memory, which do not get unloaded when the app is undeployed. So I don't think this is a gigaspace problem (in fact it seems to affect apps deployed on different containers - tomcat, jboss, to name a couple). However it is a problem we have to solve.

So far, the only long-term solution I can come up with is to restart the GSC with every (few) deployment. I wonder if anyone else can come up with something better? For us, increasing the permgen space or switching from Sun's jvm to BEA's jrockit are not long-term solutions.

Also, does anyone know when the gs (commandline) commands for stopping the GSC/GSM will be released? And will they be integrated into the maven openspaces plugin?


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