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InterruptedException when invoking ExecutorProxy from client main

Following the documentation of gigaspace’s executor based remoting (http://www.gigaspaces.com/wiki/display/XAP7/ExecutorBasedRemoting), I created and deployed to gigaspace a remote service that provides both synchronous and asynchronous implementation.

If invoking the same remote service from within the server side, it doesn’t have any problem.
However, when trying to invoke remotely through the ExecutorProxy, both synch and asynch invocation got the same exception:

2011-01-10 13:20:52,339 INFO BrokerFinderRemoting - BrokerFinderRemoting finding BrokerPeerRows, brokerFinder == null?false
      at java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer$ConditionObject.await(Unknown Source)
      at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.async.LRMIFuture.get(LRMIFuture.java:140)
      at org.openspaces.core.transaction.internal.InternalAsyncFuture.get(InternalAsyncFuture.java:83)
      at org.openspaces.remoting.ExecutorSpaceRemotingProxyFactoryBean$ExecutorAsyncFuture.get(ExecutorSpaceRemotingProxyFactoryBean.java:399)
at com.itgssi.apr.attrade.client.AtTradeClient.main(AtTradeClient.java:60)

But on the GS monitor, I can see on the server side, the remoting service was invoked and executed accordingly successfully

2011-01-10 13:20:52,433INFO FinderService - Number of BrokerPeerRow with number of shares = 1800 in space:190
2011-01-10 13:20:52,433INFO FinderService - Found top 10 BrokerPeerRow with number of shares > 1800: 10 BrokerPeerRow.

Here’s the snippet on the client invocation, the interrupted exception happens when either using AsyncFuture get or using brokerFinderRemoting.findBrokerPeerRows(null):

Client invocation in client main()(note that, below using synch or async got the same interrupted exception):

List<String> configs = new LinkedList<String>();

final StandaloneContainerRunnable runnable = new StandaloneContainerRunnable(null,
                null, configs);

  BrokerFinderRemoting brokerFinderRemoting = runnable.getApplicationContext().getBean(BrokerFinderRemoting.class);
        List<BrokerPeerRow> rows = brokerFinderRemoting.findBrokerPeerRows(null);
// AsyncFuture<List<BrokerPeerRow>> futureRows = brokerFinderRemoting.asyncFindBrokerPeerRows(null);
            /*try {
                  rows = futureRows.get(3, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
            } catch (InterruptedException e) {
            } catch (ExecutionException e) {
            } catch (TimeoutException e) {
if (rows != null) {

for(BrokerPeerRow brokerPeerRow : rows) {

One thing noted is, If have eclipse debugger suspend VM for InterruptedException, then the client runs just fine, no problem in getting the result any more. The GS objects that involve in throwing InterruptedException are LookupDiscovery.Requestor.run and SelfCleaningTable.Cleaner.run(when trying to remove weak reference) --- both running in daemon thread. But it’s still unclear to me which one and why it caused the interrupted exception without debugging its source code…

Any help'd be appreciated!

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It seems like your main thread is at interrupted state (the thread that is calling the brokerFinderRemoting.asyncFindBrokerPeerRows() method).
It fits perfectly to what you are describing since a thread at interrupted state will throw interrupted exception once it needs to wait for a result from a future.
You can check that by calling Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted() before the remote invocation.

If this is the case, double check the code before this proxy creation and usage that it does not generate some interrupted exception that keeps the thread in interrupted state (for instance if the exception is thrown somewhere and caught and a call to Thread.currentThread().interrupt() is being made to restore its interrupted state).


answered 2011-01-12 00:52:59 -0500

eitany gravatar image
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