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Rollback of transaction in Mirror service with sync-replicated topology


We are using the gigaspace sync replicated cluster topology (n primary nodes with schema = persistent, ALLINCACHE policy) over wan with external hibernate data source (with merge=true).

Each cluster is started on Different JVM and Mirror is on another JVM.

The amount of data to be processed in single transaction is huge ( > 100 objects ) and all of them do have LOB columns.
Due to this the persistence is taking more time( db transaction and replication of objects to clusters is taking > 2 minutes).

In order to reduce the transaction time, we decided to move to Async persistency using Mirror service with Hibernate data source and exceptionhandler defined in openspaces. and we are using DistributedJINITransaction manager with spring transactional template.

Below are the sequence of actions done in Giga space scenario observed while using mirror service

1.User updates/inserts/delete objects from the application.


when space.writeMultiple(data) is invoked, Data is being replicated to all cluster nodes, and the method returned.Here user can logout the application.

Behind the scenes, data is slowly saved to underlying database.But in case if the db transaction failed

1.Is there a way that i can roll back data from all space clusters..?
2, Is there a way that i can roll back all the transactions which are dependent on Data that was failed in step1.?

Im using gs 7.0.3 library.

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see: /

answered 2010-08-29 09:05:25 -0500

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