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Question about GigaSpaces .Net v7.1 Admin API Exception


I am trying the GigaSpaces .Net v7.1 Admin API. But the following exception is thrown by some API call.

Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: 'classToProxy' must be a class Parameter name: classToProxy at GigaSpaces.Core.Internal.Castle.DynamicProxy.ProxyGenerator.CreateClassProxy(Type classToProxy, Type[] additionalInterfacesToProxy, ProxyGenerationOptions options, Object[http://www.openspaces.org/forum/] constructorArguments, IInterceptor[http://www.openspaces.org/forum/%5D%20constructorArguments,%20IInterceptor%5B] interceptors) at GigaSpaces.Core.Internal.Pbs.Commands.Admin.PbsAdminBundle.CreateDynamicProxy(Type type, Int64 handleId) at GigaSpaces.Core.Internal.Pbs.Commands.Admin.GenericAdminInterceptor.CreateReturnValue(Object result, InteropType interopType, Type methodReturnType) at GigaSpaces.Core.Internal.Pbs.Commands.Admin.GenericAdminInterceptor.Intercept(IInvocation invocation) at GigaSpaces.Core.Internal.Castle.DynamicProxy.AbstractInvocation.Proceed() at ITransportStatisticsProxyaf6d8038ed8844258db94833222d0166.get_ActiveThreadsPerc() at TestAdminSigarDotNet.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\Projects\TestAdminSigarDotNet\TestAdminSigarDotNet\Program.cs:line 79

The exception is caused by ITransportStatistics API tranStatistics.ActiveThreadsPerc (please refer to attachment)

Also, some other API will cause the same exception. The program can execute without exception if these statements are comment out.

Testing Environmnet: * GigaSpace .Net 7.1 rc2 * Sigar library 1.6.2

Is there any missing or wrong setting?

Thanks, Yan.

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asked 2010-03-29 21:22:03 -0600

yanchan gravatar image

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0600

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Thank you for raising this, this is a bug and it is fixed for the GA release

answered 2010-04-04 06:33:49 -0600

eitany gravatar image
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