Admin API question

We deployed a Processing Unit with the following cluster configuration:

<os-sla:sla cluster-schema="partitioned-sync2backup" number-of-instances="2" number-of-backups="0" />
 <os-core:space id="space" url="/./PatientGrid?locators=${LOOKUPLOCATORS}" lookup-groups="${LOOKUPGROUPS}"/>

Then we created an stand alone application with an Admin using the following code:

admin = new AdminFactory().addGroup(;

and adds a listener to the Admin object, where the listener implements the SpaceInstanceLifecycleEventListener interfaces.

Now when our monitoring code runs, it receives spaceInstanceAdded event twice as there were 2 space instances in the cluster. For each spaceInstance, the

spaceInstance.getInstanceId() returns the 1 and 2. This is expected since there are 2 space instances based on our cluster configuration.

But in both cases, spaceInstance.getPartition().getPartitiondId()) returns 0. It seems like there is only one partition. So my question is:

What does the SpacePartition represent? If they represent a partition, shall they be 0, 1 since we have 2 partitions in our cluster configuration? Is this a bug?

thanks in advance.


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