Configuring a DataProvider in XAP 7


I've implemented a DataProvider which uses a spring bean (an existing one which integrates with an proprietary data source). Getting into the configuration for this it appears that there is no way to configure in spring beans and the only way to configure it is via properties, so I'd have to load a spring context remotely and then pick up what I need from there? Have I understood this correctly or am I missing something.

The other question is, as my objects don't have routing id's based on simple integers, when the initial load is run, I intend to scroll through all my data, when this is written into the space, will this be run from the one VM and data distributed to other GSCs as necessary? As I've created this space with a local ID, I'm half expecting this data to all wind up on the local machine and not be partitioned. I'm using a partitioned-sync2backup topology. It's not quite clear from the docs.

<os-core:space id="userprofileSpace" url="/./profileDataSpace" >="" <os-core:properties=""> <props> </props> </os-core:properties> </os-core:space>

Regards, Max

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