Remoting service over the grid in XAP.NET 7.0.1 [closed]

In XAP.NET 7.0.1 we've added quite a few powerful features related to .NET, one of which is built in support for hosting and executing remote service inside the grid.

This feature is detailed in: And demonstrated in:

There are a few more very cool new features, built in processing unit container which really simplifies processing unit development allowing the implementer to put the main focus on the business logic part of the processing unit: One more feature is the integration between the management center and the different processing unit components for better monitoring capabilities. There are quite a few more features which were both introduced in XAP 7.0.1 and XAP.NET 7.0.1 which are described in the release notes.

For more details read the following blog post:

Cheers Eitan

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