Timeout waiting for idle object Exception while Reading data from space [closed]


Below is the error we received while reading data from space.

We are accessing gigaspace by jini connection.

The method IDs">com.clsa.integration.begs.netting.utils.GSUtils.fetchNettedClientOrderByTradeIDs raised exception java.util.NoSuchElementException. java.util.NoSuchElementException: Timeout waiting for idle object
                at com.tibco.plugin.java.JavaMethodActivity.for(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.plugin.java.JavaMethodActivity.eval(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.pe.plugin.Activity.eval(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.pe.core.TaskImpl.eval(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.pe.core.Job.a(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.pe.core.Job.k(Unknown Source)
                at com.tibco.pe.core.JobDispatcher$JobCourier.a(Unknown Source)
at com.tibco.pe.core.JobDispatcher$JobCourier.run(Unknown Source)

Below the Snippet of the particular method.

public NettedClientOrder fetchNettedClientOrderByTradeIDs(String NettedTradeIDs) throws Exception

GigaSpace gigaspacehandler = null;

                ReadByIdsResult<NettedClientOrder> result= gigaspacehandler.readByIds(NettedClientOrder.class,NettedTrade_IDs);
                return result.getResultsArray();
            catch(Exception e)

for(int i=0;i<NettedTrade_IDs.length;i++)
                    logger.log("**** Error while fetching netted client order trades for netted trade id "+NettedTrade_IDsi,5);

logger.log("**** Exception in fetchNettedClientOrderByTrade_IDs **** "+ "Error Message :: "+ e.getMessage() ,2);
               throw e;


This Particular code is running from last two years. Suddenly this issue happened. We re-started component and it started working.

Can you please help me find any reason why this happened.

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