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How to combine and execute the tasks?

Hi all, I have a data grid which contains 2 partitions and 2 backups. For example In each space i have 10 customer objects and 100 Call detail objects. i need to calculate the total call amount for each customer.

Initially i read all the customers from the space and pass each customer to a Distributed task(BillingTask). This distributed task will find all the call details made by this customer. The call amount of each call is calculated and summed to total amount. These total amounts are then reduced to determine the total call amount made by a particular customer. This approach iterates through a customer list obtained from the space and pass each customer to the distributed task. This seems to be a sequential and there is no performance improvement if the customer size is more than 1000?

So i thought it would be good to write multiple Distributed Tasks (CustomerTask, Billing Task). In Customer task get the customer list  from each space and then for each customer execute the billing task to find the  total amount.

My question is how to combine these two tasks so that the performance can be improved ? Here i attached the code for Two task classes.

import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.List;

import org.openspaces.core.GigaSpace; import org.openspaces.core.executor.DistributedTask; import org.openspaces.core.executor.TaskGigaSpace;

import com.gigaspaces.async.AsyncResult; import com.j_spaces.core.LeaseContext; import com.j_spaces.core.client.SQLQuery; import com.j_spaces.core.client.UpdateModifiers;

public class BillingTask implements DistributedTask<double,double>{

private GigaSpace space;    

public TelecomTask(Customer custom) {

    customer = new Customer(custom);
    customerNo = customer.getCustomerNo();  


public Double execute() throws Exception {

    Double totalAmount = 0.0;
    CallDetail cd = null;
    List<CallDetail> callList = getCallDetailList();        
    for(CallDetail call : callList){
        cd = new CallDetail(call);
        Double amount = BillingPricer.calculateBilling(call);
        totalAmount += amount;

        LeaseContext<CallDetail> lea = space.write(cd, 0, 1000, UpdateModifiers.UPDATE_ONLY);
    return totalAmount; 


public Double reduce(List<AsyncResult<Double>> results)
        throws Exception {

     Double totalAmount = 0.0;
      for(AsyncResult<Double> res: results ){
          if(res.getException() != null)
              throw res.getException();           
          double amount = res.getResult();
          totalAmount += amount;

     return totalAmount;

private List<CallDetail> getCallDetailList(){

    List<CallDetail> list = null;
    SQLQuery<CallDetail> query = new SQLQuery<CallDetail>(CallDetail.class,"callingPartyNumber='"+ customerNo +"'");
    CallDetail[] prices = space.readMultiple(query, Integer.MAX_VALUE);
    list = Arrays.asList(prices);
    totalCalls = prices.length;
    return list; 

private Customer customer; private long customerNo; private int totalCalls; }

public class CustomerTask implements DistributedTask<customer[], customer[]>{<="" p="">

private GigaSpace gigaSpace;

public CustTask(){


public Customer[] execute() throws Exception {

    List<Customer> cList = null;
    List<Customer> updateList = new ArrayList<Customer>();
    BillingTask task = null;
    Double customerCallAmount = 0.0;

    cList = getCustomers();
    Customer updateCustomer = null;
    for(Customer c : cList){
        updateCustomer = new Customer(c);
        task = new BillingTask(c);
        AsyncFuture<Double> future = gigaSpace.execute(task);
        if(future != null)
            customerCallAmount = future.get();
            System.out.println(" No result");
        updateCustomer = null;

    return updateList.toArray(new Customer[updateList.size()]);

public Customer[] reduce(List<AsyncResult<Customer[]>> results)
        throws Exception {
      List<Customer>  cusList = new ArrayList<Customer>();

      for(AsyncResult<Customer[]> res: results ){
          if(res.getException() != null)
              throw res.getException();

          Customer[] ca = res.getResult();
          for(Customer c : ca)
    System.out.println("final Customer List " + cusList);    
    return cusList.toArray(new Customer[cusList.size()]);

private List<Customer> getCustomers(){

     SQLQuery<Customer> query = new SQLQuery<Customer>(Customer.class,"id > 0");
     Customer[] cu = gigaSpace.readMultiple(query, Integer.MAX_VALUE);
     List<Customer> list = Arrays.asList(cu);
     //System.out.println("Customer List " + list);
     return list;



But Using CustomerTask will not yield the result i needed. There are many CallDetails are not updated. and i dont know how to combine these two tasks. That's y i called the BillingTask in the execute method of the CustomerTask? What is the problem in the CustomerTask implernentation?

Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.

ps: I guess there is no code tags available to post the code. is there any other way to post the code ?

Thanks and Regards Lenin Rajavel

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There is a code tag. It is { code } (remove the spaces). you should have these before and after the code.
See example:

Your code


answered 2009-06-08 07:57:59 -0500

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