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Internal caching of classes after undeploying all PUs & redeploying


First, a small introduction on the configuration: 1 pu which sets up the spaces we will need for following pus, and only has jars included, no code for itself. some of the jars are in shared-lib, some are in lib. 1 pu which will use (one of) the spaces defined by the first pu. This pu has own code, and also jars & wars in the lib & shared-lib directory. There is one jar which is in both the first and the second pu's shared-lib directory. When we need to redeploy/upgrade both, it sometimes happens that after undeploying both and deploying them again we get NoSuchMethodExceptions for a newly added method, which the 2nd pu is calling but it appears not to be available, and the jar the concerned class is in is included in the shared-lib dir of both pus. Note that before deploying the pus again we completely empty the deploy directory, to be sure the latest code is there when we unpack our jars/wars there. The only way to be entirely sure so far that the newly added code is found, is by completely destroying the gs container & manager and starting them up again before deploying.

Any clues/hints on why this is the case? We can guarantee that the jars/wars are up-to-date, also in the deploy directory.

we are using Gigaspaces-XAP-premium 6.6.3.



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asked 2009-04-03 03:39:09 -0500

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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This is a known issue that has been resolved with 7.0. You may download a beta and see if it works for you. There is no need to have shared-lib folder as part of the PU with 7.0 any more.
You may try and place all your classes as part of the shared-lib folder. Not sure this will resolve the problem.

answered 2009-04-03 06:59:28 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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Ok, thanks for looking into that - we'll probably have to upgrade then..;-)



twessling gravatar imagetwessling ( 2009-04-08 02:25:46 -0500 )edit

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