Timeout with Async service

Hi all.

Can you help me with:

2009-03-30 12:44:38,594 ERROR [http-443-Processor3] [debug.DebugHelper] - java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Timeout waiting for remote invocation [lookupName [af.servicios.IEvaluarTransaccionService] methodName[preValidar] routing[10966062] oneWay[null]] for [30000] milliseconds at org.openspaces.remoting.AsyncRemoteFuture.get(AsyncRemoteFuture.java:152) at af.ws.AFWebserviceImpl.preValidar(AFWebserviceImpl.java:126)

The exception is throwing sometimes: 10% of the trades the system is processing. Our system is processing about 40 trades/sec.

What can cause it?


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