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I've been testing my code in a copy of the production environment with the same data feeds, and I'm still facing the issue of events handled in parallel. If I deploy the PU with only one partition, and I setup the container with @Polling (concurrentConsumers = 1, maxConcurrentConsumers = 1), the event handling is correct. I see this in the output: at a certain point in time, I should only have one instance of a specific class with a certain state per fifo group , but when I have more than one concurrent consumer, I have several of them.

My vector class has a SpaceFifoGroupingProperty property, a SpaceFifoGroupingIndex and a SpaceRouting property (which is the same as the SpaceFifoGroupingProperty property). I tried defining a different SpaceRouting property with the same result.

My Polling container has a @ReceiveHandler with setUseFifoGrouping(true). It's annotated with @TransactionalEvent

The PU.xml defines a distributed transaction manager: <os-core:distributed-tx-manager id="transactionManager"/>

Because of network constraints, I use unicast discovery with lookup locators

One thing that 'tickles' me is that if I define a jini-tx-manager in another PU.xml, or if I try to initialize it manually in client code as a new LookupJiniTxManagerConfigurer() , it throws an exception complaining it cannot find it. I'm wondering if the issue could be that objects and groups are not locked correctly in a transaction.

I'm working with GS 9.0.2. Are there any known issues with FG in this release that could be worth testing with 9.5?

Thank you for your help.

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