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GigaSpaces field name changing

Hi all,

I have very weird issue here. Created space domain-object with field in name convention sBsssBssssss ie.: eCodeId. Entity file:

@Entity @Table(name = "FACT_DRIVE_NEW") public class FactDriveNew extends GigaspacesWrapper implements Timestampable, Serializable {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 5507281132083529407L; @Column(name = "DRIVE_SERIAL_ID", nullable = false) private String driveSerialId; @Column(name = "TIME_STAMP", nullable = false) private Timestamp timeStamp; @Column(name = "TEST_TYPE_ID", nullable = false) private Short testTypeId; @Column(name = "LINE_ID", nullable = false) private Short lineId; @Column(name = "E_CODE_ID", nullable = false) private Integer eCodeId ; @Column(name = "F_CODE_ID", nullable = false) private Integer fCodeId ; @Column(name = "G_CODE_ID", nullable = false) private Integer gCodeId ; @Column(name = "R_CODE_ID", nullable = false) private Integer rCodeId ;

and captured screen from GUI in attachement. Name convention changed to BBsssBssssss ie.: ECodeId.

because of this weird change I got following error when trying to query space for this object.

SEVERE [org.jini.rio.monitor.provision]: Failed to instantiate service [ServiceElement{OlapTranProcAdf2.PU [1]}] on [Grid Service Container kevin-r61i/], GSC reported: org.jini.rio.core.JSBInstantiationException: ServiceBean [OlapTranProcAdf2.PU [1]] instantiation failed. ; Nested cause: java.sql.SQLException: Property 'rCodeId' doesn't exist in type 'com.uuuu.tables.reporting.FactDriveNew'. Valid properties are [spaceId, spaceRouting, state, ECodeId , FCodeId , GCodeId , HCodeId , RCodeId , TOperId , TOperId2 , actpVendorId, aioTesterDesc, apcbaSoftRevId, apcbaTesterDesc, apfaNo, apfaToolId, apfaToolId2, baseVendorId, beLineNo, beSoftRevId, beTesterDesc, bin, cacheFamily, ccc, cellId, commandId, count1, countMedia, countRejectHead, countRejectMedia, custCat, custDesc, data1, dayFlag, dayId, dcmTimestamp, debugCycle, debugFlag, debugStatus, depopFlag, diskclVendorId, drivPrinGec, drivSuppGec, driveProcessStatus, driveSerialId, driveType, evalCode, evalFlag, evalId, familyId, firstTestFlag, floorId, formatStatus, headBinId, headSerialNo, headStatusId, headVendorId, hostGec, hsaBin, hsaLoopCnt, id, idtTesterId, inlineDepop, joinMediaKeyword, latchVendorId, latcharmVendorId, latchintVendorId, lineId, machineCycletime, masterVersion, mcVersion, mdwSoftRevId, mdwTesterId, mediaBinId, mediaKeyword, mediaRevision, mediaSerialNo, mediaStatusId, mediaTracecode, mediaVendorId, modelNo, modelNoId, motorStatusId, motorTracecode, motorVendorId, odcsVendorId, orgModelNo, pcbaVendorId, physicalHeads, preampVendorId, prevProductId, primeFailRcodeId, processFormatStatus, productCode, productId, quadId, rampVendorId, resTime, rwkDueCompId, rwkDueCompStat, s4wFlag, s4wQuadId, s4wSoftRevId, s4wTesterDesc, s4wfFirmRevId, s4wfQuadId, s4wfSoftRevId, s4wfTesterDesc, scanTimestamp, shiftFlag, shiftId, softRevId, softRevId2, spudPosition, spudSerialNo, statusFlagId, stwQuadId, stwSoftRevId, stwSoftRevId2, stwTesterDesc, stwTesterId, stwdcQuadId, stwdcSoftRevId, stwdcTesterDesc, suspVendorId, swageLine, swageLineId, swageTimestamp, testTypeId, testerDesc, testerId, testpcId, timeStamp, topCoverVendorId, tpiCharmap, tpiFormat, vcmBtVendorId, vcmPlVendorId, vcmTpVendorId, waferidDown, waferidUp, weekId, wfFlag].

the same on 6.6.3 and 7.0.0m4 versions. Can somebody explain what is this and how can I fix it? h4. Attachments


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asked 2009-02-16 03:34:00 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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This problem might a result from some parsing done internally.

Can u rename the getter field not to have the 'Id' combination and see if this resolves the problem ? Make it I_D.

Any reason why u have so many fields as part of the space domain class? U should avoid these and place all non indexed fields as part of a class that will be a field as part of the space domain class.

Database mapping should be adapated to support the above. To have min impact of the persistnecy u should use the mirror service that will offload this activity to be done in async manner.


answered 2009-02-16 13:22:50 -0500

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Hi, just short update:

this problem is related to GigaSpaces mechanism of using getters and setters instead of fields from Domain Objects. When you create standard getter and setter for fields rCodeId and RCodeId they will look exactly the same: getRCodeId, setRCodeId.

This was solved with changing fields names from sBssssBsss to BBssssBs so I have RCodeId and others instead rCodeId.

Regards, Mateusz

mnemos's avatar mnemos  ( 2009-03-27 01:54:24 -0500 )edit

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