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Question about getting PU information

Hi all, I have a question by any means I can get the PU information if such PU is a notify-container and it will be notified when there is a "write" event arrived among the spaces.

Any api in GigaSpaces can tell the PU information such as the name of it in the function defined in the method-adapter in pu.xml?

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asked 2009-03-15 21:32:05 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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2 Answers

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If your pu is written in Java, in 7.0 M6 you should see alot of new information displayed regarding the event listener containers within a processing unit.


answered 2009-03-16 01:23:18 -0500

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We do not provide such API.

What you can get is the list of registered notification (notify templates) for a given space using the com.j_spaces.core.admin.SpaceRuntimeInfo: IJSpace spaceProxy; ... IRemoteJSpaceAdmin spaceAdmin = spaceProxy.getAdmin(); SpaceRuntimeInfo rtInfo = spaceAdmin.getRuntimeInfo(); Integer NoifyTemplatesCount = rtInfo.m_NumOFTemplates.size();

The above is relevant for none-clustered space. With a clustered space you will need to extract the direct proxies from the clustered proxy and perform the same for each space.

See the new Admin API comes with 7.0: http://www.gigaspaces.com/wiki/displa...


answered 2009-03-16 00:36:35 -0500

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