GigaSpace late context and remoting aspects

I'm unable to inject a GigaSpace reference into a ServiceExecutionAspect. It gets injected into services fine but not aspects. I get a FinderException. Anyone run into this problem?


<os-remoting:service-exporter id="exporter">
    <os-remoting:aspect ref="aspectA" />       
    <os-remoting:service ref="serviceA" />

<os-core:space id="localSpace" url="${space.local}" lookup-locators="${gsm.locators}" >
    <os-core:filter-provider ref="exporter" />

<os-core:space id="remoteSpace" url="${space.remote}" lookup-locators="${gsm.locators}" />

<os-core:giga-space id="space" space="remoteSpace"/>

<bean id="aspectA" class="someAspect" >
        <property name="gigaSpace" ref="space" />

<bean id="serviceA" class="someService">
    <property name="gigaSpace" ref="space" />

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