XA transaction in Spring on JBoss over database and Gigaspaces

We have a Spring+Hibernate application running in JBoss with some DAOs replaced by GigaSpaces implementations. The GigaSpaces DAOs talk to a local GSC currently without any persistence and use Hibernate DAOs to resolve relations (from IDs stored in GigaSpace to entities stored by Hibernate). What we're seeing is that when we call the server with more than a single thread, GigaSpaces transactions sometimes do not commit, but are left hanging until timeout. The call, however, terminates successfully leading to subsequent failures when following calls do not find the objects supposed to have been saved. We think we fail to connect the two transactions into one, but that still doesn't explain why we're effectively seeing asynchronous writes.
Has anybody experienced this and/or can help point out where we go wrong?

Attached is the Spring XMLs for our transaction manager and our new DAOs.

We're using Spring 2.5.4, JBoss 4.2.0-GA and GigaSpaces 6.6.3.

EDIT: Question withdrawn as this was a prototype implementation and not a real-life requirement (we proceeded with separate transactions).


  1. gigaspaces.xml
  2. dataAccessContext.xml

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