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Full space?

I'm writing 400000 *7 entries (yes, 280000 entries) into a space, and about one quarter of the way through, performance of the writes drops like a stone. This is a bit of a concern. How do I diagnose what's happening? How can I address it?

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asked 2009-02-05 11:24:09 -0500

jottinger gravatar image

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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2 Answers

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Configure the space to run with EDS + LRU cache policy mode. U can use H2 comes with the product (as the default EDS) or your DB. U can use the default mapping or Hibernate EDS.


answered 2009-02-05 11:40:19 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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Ah, I see from the client stacktrace: memory exhaustion. What are the best ways to address this? I have plenty of ram in the machine in question, although I'd prefer to be able to offload things to disk instead of storing everything in RAM....

answered 2009-02-05 11:28:57 -0500

jottinger gravatar image
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You realise that the docs for that in 6.6 are really sketchy... :)

jottinger gravatar imagejottinger ( 2009-02-05 13:03:16 -0500 )edit

This is what you need to have sync persistency with LRU and Hibernate EDS : <os-core:space id="space" url="/./space" schema="persistent" external-data-source="hibernateDataSource"> <os-core:properties> <props> <prop key="space-config.engine.cache_policy">0</prop> <prop key="cluster-config.cache-loader.external-data-source">true</prop> <prop key="cluster-config.cache-loader.central-data-source">true</prop> </props> </os-core:properties> </os-core:space>


shay hassidim gravatar imageshay hassidim ( 2009-02-05 14:15:54 -0500 )edit

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