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Running spaces in JBoss


There are some other posts on integration with application server there as /[/question/5481/why-jca-available-in-xap-60-is-missing-in-65/] and /[/question/6619/questions-on-comj_spacesobffi-exception-starting-space-in-jboss-jvm/]. Could you please provide some additional information as to starting GigaSpaces in an aplication server:

  • Is there a difference between starting a space with configurers (UrlSpaceConfigurer & GigaSpaceConfigurer) and SpaceFinder?

  • Prior to starting an embedded space in a session bean or DAO, do i need to have GigaSpaces grid service manager and grid service container running. In other words do configugers start gsm/gsc implicitly or require their operation on the same/other machine?

UPDATE: I figured that gsm und gsc need to be started previosly. What would be the default place to put prepackaged jar-files with space classes? Getting ClassNotFoundException now.


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GigaSpaces is a scale out application server , so there is no point running an application server within another applications server... :-)

GigaSpaces XAP 6.6 includes a web container component so there is no need to use a another product to deal with the front end management. You can scale the web container using GigaSpaces regular SLA in very simple manner. The ability to scale all tiers (web , data , messaging and business logic) using one product is for sure unique to GigaSpaces and keeps the application much simpler to design , develop , test, maintain , upgrade and scale.

SpaceFinder is the old API to get a space proxy or start a space. This will phase out in future versions.

UrlSpaceConfigurer & GigaSpaceConfigurer are the new and the recommended API to to get a space proxy or start a space.
These includes much better and flexible way to configure the proxy/space.

Configugers do not start gsm/gsc implicitly. You can run an embedded space using the UrlSpaceConfigurer & GigaSpaceConfigurer. This will start a Lookup service implicitly. Still , you might need to make sure you will have only or or 2 Lookup services and not one per embedded space started. Many lookup services is not good idea (have lot of chatting going on).

The best way to do that is to run the lookup service as stand alone process using the GigaSpaces root/bin/startJiniLUS and turn off the embedded Lookup service started within the J2EE application server. Use the following to do that: com.jspaces.core.container.directoryservices.jini_lus.start-embedded-lus=false.

When deploying the application using gsm/gsc we make sure there will not be a lookup service started at the GSC for each started space. Only the GSM running Lookup service.


answered 2008-10-17 12:32:29 -0500

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