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High Performance Computing (HPC) and GigaSpaces

Hi there,

Some of our projects require HPC. We would like to see if space-based programming is comparable to MPI programming for HPC. Does any HPC-GigaSpaces expert have any comment on that?



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asked 2008-10-07 12:15:04 -0500

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Hi Jerry,

MPI is messaging based model while Space is shared memory. On the surface it looks like different model though we know that massaging models can be implemented very easily over the space sine GigaSpaces API give a very rich API set. Any implementation will enjoy the power of GigaSpaces clusters.
I don’t know what is your demo scenario but GigaSpaces and MS HPC can fit very well together. HPC gives the execution management layer and XAP the High speed – reliable storage with all the available features.
Moreover, trying to use compute environment like HPC with a slow storage, DB for instance, will bind the overall system throughput to the slow storage throughput.
There was a demo done by Grid Dynamics using GigaSpaces and HPC, couldn’t find a reference but as far as I know it worked very well.
BTW, GigaSpaces provides a very good execution management layer in case HPC will not do the job ;-)

Guy T

answered 2008-10-09 08:08:08 -0500

guyt gravatar image
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Hi Jerry,

I guess the operative word here is "comparable". : )

If you mean "as low latency" The answer is, "Absolutely - except for garbage collection - assuming your problem is embarrassingly parallel"

There are several ways to deal with garbage collection issues and once you decide to embark on a full-fledged effort, GigaSpaces has resources to assist you in that regard.

In addition, you can use C++ with GigaSpaces which may avoid some of those garbage collection issues - (trading them for malloc issues)

The programming model we promote is Object-oriented and highly optimized in its parallelism. Your domain model needs to be constructed in such a way to fully take advantage of our platform - so frankly, to provide a more complete answer, I need more information about the problem you intend to solve.

If you like we can continue to discuss this here, or perhaps I or someone else at GigaSpaces can help you further in a private discussion.

I look forward to your continued interest.


Owen Taylor
Senior Director
World-wide Technical Communication
GigaSpaces Inc,

“GigaSpacesXAP: The Elastic Appserver”

answered 2008-10-07 13:42:42 -0500

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