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Adding a partition dynamically

Is it possible to increase the number of partitions while the PU is deployed? Or does this always have to be defined beforehand? I understand that partitions can move from primary to backup and be moved from machine to machine but I just want to be sure that the number of partitions stays constant.

I'm modifying my partitioning strategy and just want to ensure that my assumptions are correct as our logical FIFO ordering will be determined by writing all related objects to the same partition.



asked 2016-03-16 10:03:44 -0600

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Number of partition is determined at the deploy time , number of GSC is variable. All modern data grid products have fixed number of logical data grid nodes but variable number of physical data grid nodes.

If you have reference data a simple approach to scale this data would be by having it replicated across clients or PUs holding transactional data via a local view.

If the PU holds only a local view it is considered stateless which means you can add new instances on the fly without downtime via API or GS UI.

If you would like to rebalance a running partitioned space (with backuos) to redistribute partitions across (newly started or existing) GSCs the rebalance utility will be very helpful. This is a manual approach to the automatic approach delivered with the elastic PU. You can call the rebalance utility via scripts to automate its activity. Its less sophisticated than the elastic PU but very handy.

The rebalance utility available via our professional services team.

answered 2016-03-17 05:34:03 -0600

shay hassidim gravatar image
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