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What are the jars needed for Gigaspace12

We are upgrading from gigaspace version 9 to giaspace version 12. We have these below 4 jars for gigaspace 9 version : gs-runtime-9.0.jar, gs-openspaces-9.0.jar, JSpace-1.jar, gs-boot-9.0.jar

I can see below 6 jars you are providing for gigaspace-12 version: xap-asm.jar, xap-openspaces.jar, xap-trove.jar, xap-jms.jar, xap-datagrid.jar, xap-common.jar

  1. What are the jars we for Gigaspace-12 ?
  2. Do we need JSpace-1.jar for gigaspace -12?

Please advice

asked 2016-09-27 02:46:33 -0500

prakash gravatar image
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JSpace-1.jar is not a gigaspaces jar

The jars you require for a client application are the following:

gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/xap-openspaces.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/xap-datagrid.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/spring-tx-4.1.1.RELEASE.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/spring-core-4.1.1.RELEASE.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/spring-beans-4.1.1.RELEASE.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/spring-context-4.1.1.RELEASE.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/commons-logging-1.1.3.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/xap-common.jar gigaspaces-xap-enterprise-12.0.0-ga-b16000/lib/required/xap-asm.jar



answered 2016-10-02 16:13:59 -0500

jb gravatar image
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Asked: 2016-09-27 02:46:33 -0500

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