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Space memory management in XAP.NET

I wondering how to set up memory management for the space using XAP.NET (there are a lot of articles about Java). I found the setting in docs, but its working only for Java, not .Net version of gigaspaces: space-config.engine.memory_usage.high_watermark_percentage

So, how can I configure high_watermark_percentage for GSC for .NET version of gigaspaces?

asked 2016-10-27 12:00:03 -0500

Ivan Y gravatar image
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For JVM settings, follow the instructions here:


For Space properties such as watermarks and thresholds, see this page:




answered 2016-10-27 12:09:59 -0500

jb gravatar image
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thank you for answer! To clarify some details I'd like to show an examples. To set up memory with your Processing Unit config file - pu.config - you can just add a few line:

      <add Name="mjGame">
          <add Name="space-config.engine.cache_policy" Value="0"/>
          <add Name="space-config.engine.cache_size" Value="100000"/>
          <add Name="space-config.engine.memory_usage.high_watermark_percentage" Value="60" />
          <add Name="space-config.filters.Statistics.enabled" Value="false" />
          <add Name="space-config.engine.memory_usage.write_only_block_percentage" Value="58"/>
          <add Name="space-config.engine.memory_usage.write_only_check_percentage" Value="55"/>
          <add Name="space-config.engine.memory_usage.low_watermark_percentage" Value="40" />

if you wanna set up global setting for all the GSC instances - you should use a default setting file located here: C:\GigaSpaces\XAP.NET-10.2.1-x64\NET v4.0\Config\Default.config and use SystemProperties section for the settings:

        <add Name="com.gs.engine.cache_policy" Value="0"/>
        <add Name="com.gs.memory_usage_enabled" Value="true"/>
        <add Name="com.gs.filters.statistics.enabled" Value="false"/>

Ivan Y gravatar imageIvan Y ( 2016-11-15 14:54:17 -0500 )edit

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