MemoryXtend For Durable & Tiered Storage

I understand the gigaspace's XAP offers MemoryXtend with its enterprise offering which could be plugged in with insightedge/xap. I would like to understand the offering in more detail.

  1. As I understand MemoryXtend can be used to provide tiered storage support which refers to the capability of the data grid to spill over the data to either an off-heap storage or flash drive when the data does not fit in the heap. Both options cannot be configured at the same time i.e. If the data does not fit in the heap, it spills over to off-heap and if it doesn't fit in the RAM (off-heap) it spills over to the SSD drive. This cannot be configured with MemoryXtend right?

  2. To have durable storage for an insightedge deployment, the only options are Cassandra/MongoDB/RDBMS. Local Disk/SAN storage options are not provided right?

Kindly let me know your comments on my understanding.


asked 2017-01-11 03:28:50 -0500

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