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Routing request for an execution from within the partitioned space


suppose I have in space two service beans, one uses the other:

<bean id="serviceAAA" class="my.service.AAA">

<bean id="serviceBBB" class="my.service.BBB">
    <property name="aaa" ref="serviceAAA" />

Now suppose that I am running in a multi-partition setup, and from the bean "serviceBBB" I want to invoke a method on the bean "serviceAAA" which is located in a different partition. For a remote service I would have to set a remoteRoutingHandler on an executor proxy to route requests to a correct partition. But how should I proceed if both beans are defined in the same space and there is no executor proxy at all? Or should I define in such case an executor proxy in this space as well, and use it from the bean "serviceBBB" instead of using "serviceAAA" directly, like this:

<bean id="serviceAAA" class="my.service.AAA">

<os-remoting:service-exporter id="serviceExporter">
    <os-remoting:service ref="serviceAAA" />

<os-remoting:executor-proxy id="serviceAAAproxy" giga-space="gigaSpace" interface="my.service.AAAInterface">
    <os-remoting:routing handler ref="myRoutingHandler" />

<bean id="serviceBBB" class="my.service.BBB">
    <property name="aaa" ref="serviceAAAproxy" />

asked 2017-03-27 05:57:39 -0500

Alexey Serdyuk gravatar image
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Yep. If you want to perform cascading calls from one service to another your PU will act as a client interacting with other service instance(s) running within the cluster.

You can construct a proxy via pu.xml of via API.


answered 2017-03-27 08:33:35 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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