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Where is com.j_spaces.kernel.SecurityPolicyLoader ?


I'm upgrading from GS 10 to 12.1. There's a one compilation error I cannot solve - missing com.j_spaces.kernel.SecurityPolicyLoader. I see it in online javadoc, but no jar in the either distribution contains it (*). It GS 10 used to be in lib/required/gs-runtime.jar.

*) for i in `find . -name *.jar`; do echo $i; jar -tvf $i | grep SecurityPolicyLoader; done

reveals only org/jini/rio/resources/util/SecurityPolicyLoader


asked 2017-04-19 08:04:35 -0500

jalmasi gravatar image
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2 Answers

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OK I found it - it disappeared in

commit 548a7f5c25d39239fad35117a01fe6dd51811b0c
Author: tamirt <tamirt@gigaspaces,com>
Date:   Tue Aug 9 14:38:10 2016 +0300

    GS-11698  enabled for the user to config his own policy file by overriding java.security.policy system property or by giving an environment variable + deleted duplicated policy files and duplicated SecurityPolicyLoader class
    Reviewer: Moran

Seems I can use org.jini.rio.resources.util.SecurityPolicyLoader instead, just need to give it Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() for class argument.

answered 2017-05-02 05:58:26 -0500

jalmasi gravatar image
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The Javadoc has the following: https://docs.gigaspaces.com/api/xap/1... Which is not the com.j_spaces.kernel one.

answered 2017-04-28 10:19:52 -0500

Dixson Huie gravatar image
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Well I also found this one in javadoc: https://docs.gigaspaces.com/api/JavaD... And that's the one I need, but no jar contains it.

jalmasi gravatar imagejalmasi ( 2017-05-02 05:14:54 -0500 )edit

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