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How is the managing GSM determined?


When a grid is started with 2 GSMs, how the grid decides which GSM is the managing one (the one which is responsible for deployment)? Is the decision random? Or is it the one which was started first? Is it possible to configure a deterministic deployment for GSMs, to prefer one over another?

asked 2017-05-18 01:44:41 -0500

Alexey Serdyuk gravatar image
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Hi Alexey. When choosing a GSM to deploy your processing unit, only then will it become an active manager for this particular processing unit. The GSMs are active-active, and thus either can actively manage a processing unit.

When the grid starts, no GSM is the managing one. Only after you deploy a processing unit.

If you want a more deterministic approach, using the Admin API, your deployment code will have to choose the same GSM for both deployments. The best way to do that is choose the discovered GSM with the smallest UUID.

Hope this helps.

answered 2017-05-18 09:18:16 -0500

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