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FIFO for leaseExpire in notify container


In GS 11 it seems that we can't manage to get FIFO notifications for leaseExpire in a notify container.

Or data class has @SpaceClass(fifoSupport = FifoSupport.ALL) and the container has @Notify(fifo = true) and @NotifyType(leaseExpire = true)

FIFO seems to work right for write events for example but for leaseExpire it doesn't even seem like a race condition - we always get it in unexpected order.

Is this something known and expected, is there anything we can do (while still relay on leaseExpire events)?


asked 2017-09-07 07:44:19 -0500

lukeh gravatar image
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lease expiration doesn't support fifo. It is a different mechanism.

answered 2017-09-10 01:46:12 -0500

Yuval gravatar image
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Alternatively could be using dynamic templates. Please see here: https://docs.gigaspaces.com/xap/12.1/... Check for "Dynamic Template Definition"

Yuval gravatar imageYuval ( 2017-09-10 04:10:21 -0500 )edit

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