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Redo log location


I can see redo logs appearing on my disk but cannot see where this location is configured in code. Could you please advise?

Thanks, KP

asked 2017-10-10 12:18:56 -0500

kp gravatar image
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It is part of the space pu.xml. There are 2 relevant parameters: cluster-config.groups.group.repl-policy.redo-log-capacity cluster-config.groups.group.repl-policy.redo-log-memory-capacity

For all of these parameters, -1 specifies unlimited behavior. When the memory capacity is smaller than the entire capacity, if the memory capacity is reached, the redo log stores the remaining packets on the disk

Please read more here: https://docs.gigaspaces.com/xap/12.1/...



answered 2017-10-11 02:31:31 -0500

Yuval gravatar image
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Thanks Yuval, I can see redo logs appear in the gigaspace/work/replication directory on my nodes-is this the typical location for redo logs when they overflow to disk? Thanks, KP

kp gravatar imagekp ( 2017-10-16 09:18:39 -0500 )edit

yes, you can change work folder path by com.gs.work system property

Ester gravatar imageEster ( 2017-10-30 07:57:30 -0500 )edit

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