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Count Objects per Space Instance (Partition)

Hello ,

Please help me with a query to count the objects of a specific type that are stored in space (per partition). I have a space which has 4 partitions (2 working instances and 2 for backups) and various objects stored in these partitions.

I am using the XAP web interface and I want to see how many objects of a specific type are stored per partition. e.q

p1 : obj1, obj2 , obj3

p2: obj1, obj2

I want to see p1 => 3 , p2 => 2

So something like

select count(objID) from <ObjectType> group by <PartitionId>

Thanks, Alex

asked 2018-05-22 03:34:47 -0500

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1 Answer

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In the web-ui click on the Spaces tab. Then click on -> in the right and we will see all partitions as rows. Choose one of the partition and run the query:
select count(*) from p1 where rowNum<5000

Run the same query when having one row (all partitions together) results the total count.



answered 2018-05-23 04:14:30 -0500

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