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SpaceEvictionStrategy callbacks works for one space model only

Hi! I am using LRU mechanism with a custom eviction policy to make sure unpopular objects are evicted in case of memory shortage. The callbacks in SpaceEvictionStrategy are only invoked for one of my space models. Can I control this behavior? Why are the callbacks only invoked for one model and not the other one?

Other than this, both models works completely fine.

asked 2018-05-23 09:00:51 -0500

GS_User gravatar image
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Hi, We need more info in order to understand, Does the model that is not evicted is also annotated with spaceClass persist= false? Is that model involve in transactions and kept lock?

Regards, Ester.

answered 2018-05-24 06:30:56 -0500

Ester gravatar image
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Asked: 2018-05-23 09:00:51 -0500

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