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Is Java 11 supported in XAP 14.0 GA?

On the XAP download page the version 14.0 GA is available. The documentation page "Supported platforms" states that Java 8 is required. The documentation page "Getting started -> Downloading and Installing" states that Java 8 or higher is required.

Could you please let us know if XAP 14.0 GA supports newer versions than Java 8, in particular if Java 11 is supported? If Java 11 is not supported yet, when could we expect such support? It becomes pretty important, taking into account that Oracle drops support for Java 8 starting from 2019-01-01, that is in 6 weeks.

asked 2018-11-19 01:32:35 -0500

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We plan to support Java 11 in 14 service pack - 14.0.1, which will be released in about 2-3 months. Regards, Inbar

answered 2018-11-19 04:18:00 -0500

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Hi, XAP 14 has been tested with JAVA 8 and JAVA 9. But not with JAVA 11. We have seen reduction in performance using JAVA 9 compare to JAVA 8 and it is under investigation. We are going to support JAVA 11 in our next 14.0.1 version which is going to be released at the end of December 2018. Regards, Yuval

answered 2018-11-19 04:26:03 -0500

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Hi, just a hint: according to Spring documentation of supported versions of JDK (https://github.com/spring-projects/sp...), Spring 4.3.x is compatible only with JDK 6-8. This implies that if you upgrade XAP to JDK 11, either you have to upgrade to Spring 5.1.x, or hope that Spring 4.3.x will run on JDK 11 even without official Spring support, potentially risking weird and unpredictable effects in a run time.

Alexey Serdyuk's avatar Alexey Serdyuk  ( 2018-11-26 01:32:36 -0500 )edit

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