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How to deploy Spring Boot application on Gigaspaces 12.3 ?

Hi, I'm trying to deploy Spring Boot web application (1.5.13 since its the last one using Spring 4.3.17). Its deploying fine as jar but I have problems with accessing its endpoints.

As I understand from your documentation and examples web apps for Gigaspaces should be deployed as war containing web.xml. Is there any way to run Spring Boot jar as web application?

I tried also to setup Spring Boot to produce war with web.xml, based on your web-plain application example using spring-boot-legacy but currently without success.

Do you have maybe any working example Spring Boot application on Gigaspaces 12?

asked 2018-11-20 13:15:21 -0500

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Most documentation on the web discusses how to start the spring boot application as a jar. The following link discusses what is needed to deploy in a web application container such as JBoss. https://thepracticaldeveloper.com/201...

You can use the same steps described in the web article above to create a web application and deploy in Gigaspaces.

If you are getting deployment errors please let us know.

We have examples of Spring boot, but it was done with an older version of XAP, so it may not be helpful for you.

answered 2018-11-26 12:34:39 -0500

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Thanks, I finally managed to do it following Dixson Huie link.

But I had to solve some problems afterwards. I would appreciate if someone read that and tell me if I did something wrong.

I’ve bumped GS to 14 and SpringBoot to 1.5.16.RELEASE

1). It asked me to add pu.xml 2). Seems web.xml is mandatory-without it Gigaspaces doesn’t recognize its web app, so I have added basic one-with just <web-app> tag.

3). It complained about atomikos dependencies

Exception : org.jini.rio.core.JSBInstantiationException : Processing Unit [pure1739 [1]] instantiation failed. ; Caused By: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.atomikos.icatch.config.UserTransactionServiceImp

So I have added atomikos 4.0.4 dependencies to pom.xml

4). Now it couldn’t find db. Caused By: org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jdbc.DataSourceProperties$DataSourceBeanCreationException: Cannot determine embedded database url for database type NONE. If you want an embedded database please put a supported one on the classpath. If you have database settings to be loaded from a particular profile you may need to active it (no profiles are currently active).

Added com.h2database to dependencies. I’m not sure if its good solution.

5). Basic authentication popup showed up. Disabled it by adding security.basic.enabled=false to my application.properties

I tried to solve 4 & 5 by disable Spring Boot auto configuration for DataSource and SpringSecurity, but I must been doing something wrong, cause it didn’t worked.

answered 2018-11-29 08:12:27 -0500

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updated 2018-11-29 09:19:47 -0500

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Is your goal to have Spring boot host a data grid, or does it only need to have a client gigaspaces proxy which will interact with a space deployed elsewhere?

Dixson Huie's avatar Dixson Huie  ( 2018-12-03 16:20:26 -0500 )edit

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