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AdminAPI doesn't find GSM/GSA/GSC

Hi, I have configuration on 4 nodes with 2 GSM, 2 LUS, 2 GSA based on GS14. The GSM/GSA/GSC are visible in UI.

Port 7000 is opened on all nodes.

I have Groovy script used to deploy my jars (I’m using groovy version from GS8.0 with added dependencies on xap-admin), and while trying to call admin.gridServiceManagers.waitFor I’m getting
: INFO: failure occurred while renewing an event lease java.rmi.ConnectException: LRMI transport protocol over NIO broken connection with ServerEndPoint: [NIO://ck-sb1-ck2:7000/pid[17010]/2588057691128033_2_-5172652146504203279_details[class com.gigaspaces.grid.lookup.ServiceGridRegistrar]]; nested exception is: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.CPeer.invoke(CPeer.java:765) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.ConnPoolInvocationHandler.invoke(ConnPoolInvocationHandler.java:79) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.MethodCachedInvocationHandler.invoke(MethodCachedInvocationHandler.java:76) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.DynamicSmartStub.invokeRemote(DynamicSmartStub.java:456) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.DynamicSmartStub.invoke(DynamicSmartStub.java:436) at com.gigaspaces.reflect.$GSProxy0.renewEventLease(Unknown Source) at com.sun.jini.reggie.EventLease.doRenew(EventLease.java:98) at com.sun.jini.lease.AbstractLease.renew(AbstractLease.java:93) at net.jini.lease.LeaseRenewalManager.renewAll(LeaseRenewalManager.java:1282) at net.jini.lease.LeaseRenewalManager.access$600(LeaseRenewalManager.java:233) at net.jini.lease.LeaseRenewalManager$RenewTask.run(LeaseRenewalManager.java:379) at com.sun.jini.thread.TaskManager$TaskThread.run(TaskManager.java:445) Caused by: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.throwCloseConnection(Reader.java:502) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.readBytesFromChannelBlocking(Reader.java:241) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.readBytesBlocking(Reader.java:629) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.bytesToPacket(Reader.java:567) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.readReply(Reader.java:158) at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.CPeer.invoke(CPeer.java:711) ... 11 more Caused by: java.io.IOException: Connection has been closed by peer at com.gigaspaces.lrmi.nio.Reader.throwCloseConnection(Reader.java:503) ... 16 more

Any hint what can be the cause?

asked 2019-03-27 07:00:38 -0500

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Hi, Do you have a firewall? you can try to configure nic address if you have multiple nw cards. see: https://docs.gigaspaces.com/14.2/admi... Are you able to deploy using ui, and connect to space from a client running on the same machine where you run the admin code?

Regards, Ester

answered 2019-04-08 00:55:04 -0500

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Asked: 2019-03-27 07:00:38 -0500

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