Gigaspaces slow from Magic XPA


We use Gigaspaces from Magic XPA as a messaging layer. We have 350 threads which are polling Gigaspaces for what-to-do. It seems that we cannot tune the system further from Magic side, but it still cannot perform more than 8-10 requests/second. I wonder whether it can be tuned further from Gigaspaces side? We have maxThreads = Integer.parseInt( System.getProperty("", "128") ); maxConnPool = Integer.parseInt( System.getProperty("", "1024") ); readSelectorThreads = Integer.parseInt( System.getProperty("", "4") in services.config.template file.

Should we raise any of these parameters? Or any other? How could we find the bottleneck of the system?

Thank you for any help in advance.


asked 2019-04-01 02:55:11 -0500

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