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Space copy in Partition Cluster


I am trying to do space copy from a stand alone space (started with gsInstance) to a 2 member partitioned-sync2backup cluster(service grid). But the data is getting copied to a single space and not getting replicated to backups as well. Is this a expected senario or ... command I used

gs> space copy jini:////tdbck?groups=myGroup jini:////myPartitionedSpace Look up for jini:////tdbck?groups=myGroup,gigaspaces-6.5.1-XAP-ga&state=starte d total 1 Look up for jini:////myPartitionedSpace?groups=myGroup,gigaspaces-6.5.1-XAP-ga &state=started total 4

I am using following build

Version : 6.5.1 Build : 2400

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asked 2008-08-27 12:06:20 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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See here nice space compare tool:

This tool scans for all cluster members and looking for missing objects between replicated spaces.
In case it finds missing objects it reports for such.
It supports all space cluster topologies (partitioned with backups , sync/async replicated).
The following are supported:
-Dspacecompare.syncspaces.enabled=true - This will sync (use spaceCopy) spaces in case missing object found.
-Dspacecompare.email.enabled=true - This will send email with the relevant details about the missing objects to a specified email address. It will also include details about copied spaces in case spacecompare.syncspaces.enabled=true.
-Dspacecompare.periodic_report.enabled=true - Scans the cluster members in periodic manner (every 10 sec by default)
-Dspacecompare.periodic_report.interval=10000 - Periodic scan interval time ms
Usage: com.gigaspaces.tools.SpaceCompare jini:///SpaceName

See properties you need to set their values within the \SpaceCompare\bin\run script.

To install:
Extract the attached.
Edit \SpaceCompare\bin\run.bat/sh to have the proper settings.


answered 2008-08-28 08:45:58 -0500

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Space copy works at the space level. If u will check the api u will see that.

Can u provide the space container name as part of the URL instead of using *?

For example: jini:///container1_tdbck/tdbck?groups=myGroup jini:///container1_myPartitionedSpace/myPartitionedSpace


answered 2008-08-27 16:07:49 -0500

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