JavaSpaces/GigaSpaces support at SpringModules 0.4 [closed]

GigaSpaces and Interface21 Extend the Simplicity of Spring to Stateful Low-Latency Applications - See [url][/url]

The joint solution consists of two parts: - Middleware abstraction ??? DAO, Transaction, Cache, JDBC, Remoting, JMS ??? Enabling a non-intrusive approach for implementing the business logic on top of GigaSpaces. - Service Abstraction ??? Enabling dynamic deployment of the Spring beans on the Grid

Milestone 2 of GigaSpaces??? Enterprise Edition that contains built in support for Spring services is available at: [url][/url]

See also support for JavaSpaces/GigaSpaces at SpringModules 0.4: [url][/url]

For Wiki documentation use [url][/url]

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