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Using Mirror Service for WAN Replication


I have two clusters linked with a WAN. From the wiki documentation, it seems using a Mirror Service is the best option to keep the two clusters in sync. Do I have to write my own Mirror Service implementation for this?

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asked 2008-07-22 01:35:01 -0500

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When using the Mirror to sync 2 clusters over the WAN you need to implement the EDS interfaces (SQLDataProvider and BulkDataPersister).

Still , there are simpler options that might fit your needs. Can you provide details about your system: - How much traffic you are going to have between the sites ? - How many sites you have ? - Do you need identical data at each site or only specific data need to be replicated ? - Do you have some secured line or is this using regular internet communication line? - Do you have concurrent modification to the same object going on within different sites in the same time , or one site is the sole owner of the object ? - Do you need the other site for Disaster recovery ? - What is the bandwidth and the latency between the sites?

If you prefer sending the above answers to me directly send these to: shay at gigaspaces.com

Shay GigaSpaces Deputy CTO

answered 2008-07-22 17:12:01 -0500

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