async remoting interface problem , writing to space from interface method


I have a question about gigaspaces async communication, I have written a frontend processing unit which implements my own interface IReportService (with method createOrder(order)):

public Long createOrder(Order order){
        order = writeOrder(order);
        gigaSpace.write(new SpaceOrder(order));
        return order.getId();

, I've also implemented a client PU with createOrder invoke:

public void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {
        Order order = new Order();
        order.setOrderDate(new Date());

When I try to deploy client PU i get an error:

org.openspaces.core.RemoteDataAccessException : com.silvermedia.smreports.common.Order; nested exception is: com.silvermedia.smreports.common.Order; nested exception is java.rmi.ConnectException: com.silvermedia.smreports.common.Order; nested exception is: com.silvermedia.smreports.common.Order

I don't know why because Order class implements Serializable. Sometimes client PU deploys but no SpaceOrder is written to space. Can anyone help me?

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