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Migrating and using Entry based or Pojo based objects

Since we have an option to switch to POJO based versus our current Entry based space objects, which is the better choice? It seems that most of the a GS masters seem to prefer the POJO route and I am wondering if there is a specific pro/con discussion I can read? What, if any, is the extra over head involved in dealing with POJOs in the space versus Entry objects?

If only to avoid the annoying public data members then the use of POJOs is worth it to me but I want to be sure of the suggested and proven path and no performance penalties.



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asked 2008-05-14 09:43:14 -0500

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POJO class is GigaSpaces mainstream Space Domain class type.
Starting with GigaSpaces 6.5 POJO and Entry have the same performance. There has been some work around making POJOs based classes to provide the same behavior as Entry based Domain classes.

We will publish benchmark results soon shows that POJO and Entry Domain space classes scalability and performance in remote and embedded are identical.

POJO with GigaSpaces means the standard JavaBean. You need to have getter/setters , default no arg constructor and relevant GigaSpaces meta data decorations specified via annotations or xml config files (same as Hibernate).

There are still very minor options that are available for Entry based classes only, but these are tiny niche features that are rarely used such as FIFO annotations supported only in the POJO's class level and not at the object level as Entry based objects.

See more here:


answered 2008-05-15 11:37:37 -0500

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Thank you Shay, always very helpful!

mcnoche's avatar mcnoche  ( 2008-05-16 09:45:53 -0500 )edit

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