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Embedded GS problem : GigaSpaces Platform - Version: 5.2Cache Build: 1780

Hi, I'm trying to use embedded GS and using the simple example to access the space as follows :

SERVER :(with embedded GS) .

IJSpace space = (IJSpace)SpaceFinder.find("java://localhost:10098/./MessageBus?create");

during start up everything looks ok except the following exception :

SEVERE [com.gigaspaces.core.common]: Cannot initialize JoinManager for <messagebus> container. java.lang.AbstractMethodError at com.j_spaces.obf.sv.a(SourceFile:340) at com.j_spaces.obf.sv.getEntry(SourceFile:228) at com.sun.jini.config.Config.getLongEntry(SourceFile:290) at com.j_spaces.obf.nr.<init>(SourceFile:728) at com.j_spaces.core.AbstractRemoteJSpace.d(SourceFile:350) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceImpl.<init>(SourceFile:363) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceContainerImpl.a(SourceFile:2793) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceContainerImpl.a(SourceFile:2714) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceContainerImpl.j(SourceFile:1250) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceContainerImpl.a(SourceFile:669) at com.j_spaces.core.JSpaceContainerImpl.<init>(SourceFile:601) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.a(SourceFile:625) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.a(SourceFile:743) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder._find(SourceFile:476) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.internalFind(SourceFile:313) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.internalFind(SourceFile:303) at com.j_spaces.core.client.SpaceFinder.find(SourceFile:374) at com.fxall.oms.gigaspace.TestGigaspace.createSpace(TestGigaspace.java:44) at com.fxall.oms.gigaspace.TestGigaspace.main(TestGigaspace.java:28)

CLIENT (another JVM) fails lookup via Jini :

IJSpace space = (IJSpace)SpaceFinder.find("jini://*/./MessageBus");

but successfully access via RMI

IJSpace space = (IJSpace)SpaceFinder.find("rmi://localhost:10098/./MessageBus");

I'd like to access via Jini not RMI. Can someone help me to identify the problem?

thanks in advance.

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asked 2008-03-31 12:33:31 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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You have some problem with the jini config. Have you modified the default space or container schema xml files?

Is this stand alone Java application or embedded within some J2EE app server?

Starting embedded space can be done via:
IJSpace space = (IJSpace)SpaceFinder.find("/./MessageBus?create");

Please note you are using VERY old release. You are highly recommended to move to the latest version.


answered 2008-04-01 09:04:48 -0500

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