Performance Problem

I tested GigaSpaces over one month, great functionality, great product . But the performance of GS is still a problem for me.

I used GS as a distributed partitioned in-memory cache . In my prototype, I store over 2 millions POJOs in space, and I need aggregate 2 millions values in POJOs each time, which means about 2 millions read Operation , and 0.2 millions write operation each time.

As I have to use remote space for partitioned topologies , I got 1.8K Operations/Sec. For totally 2 millions operations, this is far more from expected, even if I improved performance 4 times by using Externalizable Support. And from your documents, [ ] all the operation to remote space is serialized each time.

So for my Read/Write heavy application, is GS the wrong solution for me , or still I miss some points of GS?

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