Need Advice - Not Getting Polling and Notification Events

I am new to GigaSpacesXAP.

I coded PU A to write ORDER objects to the space and PU B to display those ORDER objects via notification events. PU A worked fine and ORDER objects were being written to the space (I saw the ORDER object count growing in the space browser. However, listener in PU B did not seem to be notified of those ORDER objects written to the space. I am sure that there was no notification as the first line in the listener is a system.out.println, but nothing was displayed in GSC console. I switched to use polling and hit the same situation, i.e. nothing was being polled.

// listener codes
public Order coordinateOrder(Order order) {

    System.out.println("Notified with Order - " + order.toString()); 
            return order;


// pu.xml entries
<bean id="coordinator" class="org.test.process.Coordinator">

<os-events:polling-container id="coordinatorPollingContainer" giga-space="gigaSpace">
    <os-events:tx-support tx-manager="transactionManager"/>
        <bean class="org.test.common.Order">
            <property name="orderStatus" value="New"/>
            <os-events:delegate ref="coordinator"/>

Please help :)

Thanks and Regards

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