Problems updating Space by GigaSpaces application

I am having a problem with my GigaSpaces application in updating the space created by ${JSHOMEDIR}/bin/ "/./testAzurSpace"

{color:blue}1. GigaSpaces setup: Starting a light version of the GigaSpaces server with space url "/./testAzurSpace"{color}
Opened a space with upon my localhost ( with the following command:
${JSHOMEDIR}/bin/ "/./testAzurSpace"

The "GigaSpaces Management Center" then shows:
*Spaces >> >> testAzurSpace*

{color:blue}2. Brief preview of application connecting to GigaSpaces server{color}
GigaSpaces application is expected to connect to the space created by It calls (IJSpace) SpaceFinder.find(url) with a space url, and it returns a single Space proxy object if successful.

        say("\nConnecting to " +  url );
        IJSpace space = (IJSpace) SpaceFinder.find(url);
        if (null == space {
            say("Space not found: " + url + ".");
            throw new RuntimeException("Space not found: " + url + ".");
        say("Connected successfully ! ");

Next, a template is created and IJSpace.clear() is called upon the a single Space proxy object:

        say("\nCreating template...");
        RoomProperties template = new RoomProperties();
        say("\nClean space of all room properties...");
        space.clear(template, null);
        say("Cleaned space of all room properties completed.");

{color:red}3. Problem with Space URL = "jini:///./testAzurSpace"{color}*
If the space url is "jini:///./testAzurSpace", then the *IJSpace.clear() call fails because it cannot find com.example.shared.datamodels.RoomProperties, even though the call to create template with new RoomProperties() was successful:

Creating template...

Clean space of all room properties...
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException
        at $Proxy12.clear(Unknown Source)
        at com.j_spaces.core.lrmi.LRMIRemoteSpaceImpl.clear(SourceFile:668 )
        at com.j_spaces.core.client.single.action.SingleSpaceClearActionListener.onAction(SourceFile:38 )
        at com.j_spaces.core.client.single.action.SingleSpaceClearActionListener.onAction(SourceFile:29)
        at com.j_spaces.core.client.AbstractSpaceProxy.clear(SourceFile:809)
        at com.j_spaces.core.client.AbstractSpaceProxy.clear(SourceFile:799)
        at com.example.WorldLoaderService.loadSpace(
        at com.example.WorldLoaderService.main(
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.example.shared.datamodels.RoomProperties

{color:red}4. Problem with Space URL = "/./testAzurSpace"{color}
If the space url is "/./testAzurSpace", then the call to IJSpace space = (IJSpace) SpaceFinder.find(url) creates a second identical container, which is visible within the "GigaSpaces Management Center" as follows:
*Spaces >> >> testAzurSpace >> testAzurSpace*

The application runs smoothly and it does not have the problem that it cannot find com.example.shared.datamodels.RoomProperties as it did occur with previous space URL "jini:///./testAzurSpace". The second *testAzurSpace space is updated as expected. When the application is over, the second identical container is removed automatically.

So, what am I missing to be able to update the space created by ${JSHOMEDIR}/bin/ "/./testAzurSpace"?

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