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Issue with GigaSpaces when running in IntelliJ


I hope you may be able to shed some light on this issue.


JDK 1.5.x
IntelliJ (5.0.1)
GS 1410.
With and without the Jini Lookup Server running

When I run my code from IntelliJ via the "run" option, it works fine. I can connect to the spaces etc, and communicate with them without any issue. This includes having and not having the JLU server running the jini still works.

It is also the same if I connect to a space or create a space (embedded and remote).

However when I run the exact same code in debug mode, I cannot connect to any space nor start them up.

About a week ago it was working fine, and now it's not, the connection just chews and does nothing (no error/timeouts etc).

Has anyone seen this before?



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asked 2007-05-25 05:59:03 -0500

jons gravatar image

updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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Can you attach the code to reproduce this problem?

answered 2007-05-30 05:57:01 -0500

uri gravatar image
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Asked: 2007-05-25 05:59:03 -0500

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