Spring POJO Service Performance Tip

Hi, all

I've accidently stumbled across a way to improve the performance of my gigaspaces spring pojo muli-service application 12x.

Gigaspaces-EE-1603 ships with the following spring jars:

spring-modules-javaspaces (an unofficial release between 0.5 and 0.6)
jta (no version number; suspect 1.0.1B)

Starting the service grid via gs-all, for instance, adds the ../lib/spring jars to the gigaspaces classpath.

I made the following changes to the spring folder:

spring-2.0-rc4 --- added...just released
spring-modules-javaspaces-0.6 --- added...just released
jta-1.0.1B --- replaced
cglib-nodep-2.1_3 --- removed

My application is composed of 1 javaspace and 4 spring pojo services. In a nutshell, it builds reports.

Before I made the above changes, my unit test generated 100 reports in roughly 25 seconds. After making the above changes, my unit test now generates 100 reports in 2-3 seconds!

While I suspect cglib was the culprit, I'm not sure. Thoughts?

Regards, Mike

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