How to deploy GS 4.1 on a client side

Client Deployment The client can access the space remotely or run it in embedded mode. For the client application you need the following:

Policy file The default policy file is located at: <gigaspaces root="">\policy\policy.all

Java Application From <gigaspaces root="">\lib:

jini-core.jar jini-ext.jar JSpaces.jar xerces.jar backport-util-concurrent.jar jmxri jar

JMS Configuration The default JMS client configuration file is located at <gigaspaces root="">\config\jms\jms-config.xml.

Net application .Net application should include:

?? Java Application libraries.

The Java libraries should be defined as part of the .Net application config file at the ClassPath key.

The C# libraries located at <gigaspaces root="">\Net\lib:

For windows:

gs40net.dll msvcr70.dll netrt11.dll netrt11sn.dll netrt11supp.dll

For Linux:

Remember that the client should also have Sun JVM installed. The above libraries should be part of the application PATH. .Net application config file JVMPath key should point to the jvm.dll dll.

C++ application C++ application should include:

?? -->The Java Application libraries.

?? The C++ libraries located at <gigaspaces root="">\CPP\lib\Release:

CppRt20.exp CppRt20.lib gs40cppSLL.lib

J2EE application ?? The Java Application libraries.

Make sure the jmxri.jar is not part of the J2EE server CLASSPATH.

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