GigaSpaces Lightstreamer Market Data Demo

{size:9px}This demo illustrates GigaSpaces Service Grid and the Spring POJO support for building market data application. It comprises from the following components:

  • Clustered proactive GigaSpaces Spaces - running 3 primary instances and another 3 backup instances.

  • *Simulator Service *- Deployed into the Service Grid and push market data into clustered GigaSpaces instances.

  • Lightstreamer Server - Receive market data updates from the clustered GigaSpaces instances and push these into HTML based monitor - Using AJAX!.

Demo User Guide:

Demo package:

The demo requires GigaSpaces EE Build 1506:

Enjoy! :lol:

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Shay Hassidim VP Product Management, GigaSpaces Technologies Email: Website: {size}

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