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Generic Worker configuration

I wanted to use the IWorker interface defined in the Gigaspaces API - clearly there's some kind of XML file that can be used to set the thing up, but the instructions just aren't detailed enough:

1) Where does the [spacename].xml file have to live? Is this on the space's classpath, or somewhere else?

2) Is it possible to have the code for the worker in some codebase somewhere (i.e. not on the space's classpath) and, if so, how do I set that up? (i.e. where do I tell the space what the codebase is?)

3) Can the XML file live at the codebase too, and how would I set that up?

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asked 2006-05-22 18:30:01 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 09:52:00 -0500

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See below:
To setup the IWorker implementation class you need to modify the space schema file - i.e.
GigaSpaces Root\config\schemas\cache-space-schema.xml

See the *workers *section

If you are uing gsServer to run the space this will be picked up.
If you are using gsInstance to run the space make sure <GigaSpacesEE5.0 Root> will be part server CLASSPATH. One way to do that is by running gsInstance with the following parameters:
gsInstance Embdded Space URL CLASSPATH to Apend
gsInstance "/./mySpace?schema=cache" "D:\GigaSpacesEE5.0;..\AppLicationclassesPath"

To access this space from your application use:
IJSpace space = (IJSpace)SpaceFinder.find("jini:////mySpace");

Yes - yo can place the worker code at the codebase. GigaSpaces runs webster embedded. You can configure it via the :
<GigaSpaces Root>\config\schemas\cache-container-schema.xml

                <!-- Starts a Webster HTTP Server embedded in the container VM 
                Default value: true -->
                    <!-- The additional root(s) to serve code from. This is a semi-colin delimited list of directories.
                    For example dir1;dir2 Default value: null no additional roots. The system uses the predefined 
                    roots com.gs.hom/lib;com.gs.home/lib/jini -->
                    <!-- The host address the server socket HTTPD (Webster) is using is bound to. 
                    Relevant for multi NIC environment. 
                    Default value: resolved to localhost ip address. -->

See also:
<GigaSpaces Root>\config\services\start-gigaspaces.config and the javaSpaceCodebase

See above.

answered 2006-05-26 03:25:02 -0500

shay hassidim gravatar image
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